Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Upcoming Events

2019 Taranaki Masters Games 15 March 2019 - Entry Form and Registration Form

2019 Roskill Masters 33rd Auckland Short Course Championships:  12 May 2019 - Entry Form

2019 NZMS South Island Short Course Championships:  23 August 2019

Banana Boat NZ Ocean Swim Series 2018/19

2 March: Interislander The Big Tahuna - Tahunanui Beach, Nelson
16 March: Generation Homes Legend of the Lake - Blue Lake, Rotorua
6 April: Swim the Bridge - Auckland Harbour

For more info visit their website:  https://oceanswim.co.nz/

Auckland Central Masters Harbour Swims 2018/19:

The Chelsea Sugar swim
2.4km Sunday 24 February 2019
Click here for information

The Cintropur Rangitoto swim
4.6km Sunday 24 March 2019
Click here for information

The Marathon Swim
10km Sunday 21 April 2019
Click here for information

For more info about the Auckland Central Masters Harbour Swims visit their website:  http://www.aucklandharbourswims.org.nz/

2018 Shear Magic One Hour Postal Event 2018 RESULTS

For official event results please visit https://www.nzmastersswimming.org.nz/table/results/2018-results/

Monday, 18 February 2019

Winners of the 1:1 Swimming Lesson from Boost Coaching

Winners of the 1:1 Swimming Lesson from Boost Coaching are :

Clare Connolly
Sarah Haldane
Keith Drummond


A big shout out to Boost Coaching!

More about Boost Coaching from head coach Andrew Mackay....

Are you ready to start improving your swimming?

You’ve probably come back to swimming as an adult and you’re now left trying to remember what your swim teacher told you when you were 16 years old - if you were lucky enough to have lessons. Back then you were slightly smaller and a little more flexible than you are now but still just as ambitious to get down the length faster than the person in the lane beside you.

The reality is – you are spending time in the pool and not really improving. 

Are you happy about this?

Being a better swimmer is more than just spending time at the pool and hoping to get faster, it is one of the more technical sports to develop and improve in.

So, of course, jump online buy some books, watch some YouTube videos and read the blogs and you’ll get better in no time, RIGHT?


HOPE that your coach on the side of the pool gives you a piece of advice that you understand and can apply within the few seconds of personalised attention that you get from your squad coach!

I’ve seen swimmers despondent with group lessons – the challenge with these is to pitch a lesson to meet everyone’s needs, every time.

I’ve seen all of these people, in fact, I’ve provided 1000’s of individual lessons in Auckland and some of these people have told me intricate detail of what they’ve been working on and yet they have no reference point to know if what they are actually doing is correct.

When I started coaching swimmers in a 1:1 environment I created a system that gets results.

I have set up a strong swimming framework and for you and every swimmer, I deliver a professional and personalised session.

I look at you as an individual and progress the sessions at the speed of your development.

You will be given key areas to work on in between lessons and provided resources to support your understanding of what was completed during the lesson.

As you go about your swimming each week you will have some focus on what you should be doing.

As you master these ideas – you will improve and I’ve seen people make massive changes in just 30min.

So if you are a swimmer or triathlete trying to get more out of the time that you spend training.


What is your goal? Do you are want to beat your mate, move up the field, gain more age group points in a competition, gain confidence, efficiency, qualify for a team or get to the bike leg quicker if you are a triathlete?


I’ve seen all of these things above happen as a result of the advice I have provided the individuals and the steps they’ve taken ownership of to improve their swimming.

So if you want personalised technique advice and tips that are proven time and time again to create effective and efficient swimmers.

Then follow these three steps

Step One: Book your lesson
Step Two: Turn up to your lesson
Step Three: Practice and apply the advice I give you

If you want to talk to me before you book a time then give me a call my details are in the link below.

Click Here:

I look forward to seeing you in the pool soon.

Andrew Mackay
Head Coach
Boost Coaching

Auckland SC champs 2019 online entry now open

Dear Masters Swimmer

The 2019 Auckland SC champs will take place on 18th May, hosted as usual by Roskill Masters at Cameron Pool, Mt Roskill. Entries are now available through your Swimming NZ 'My Page' at https://mypage.swimming.org.nz. Click on 'Upcoming meets' and scroll through until you find the event (there does not seem to be any way to filter the meets to only show masters events).

Please note the following:
Seed times for events will be populated automatically from results available in the system since 01/01/2017. If you do not have any results in the system since that date (or for a particular event) then no time will be displayed. If that is the case, after submitting your entry please email your estimated time administrator@roskillmasters.com for manual entry.

You can enter a maximum of 4 events.

You can enter ONLY ONE of the 200m events as these will be combined and swum together. DO NOT enter the '200m Any Stroke' event but the actual stroke you will be swimming.

Ribbons will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in each age group - points 6,4,3,2,1 for each event.

Refreshments will be available to all competitors and officials following the conclusion of Meet.

If you do not currently have a login for your 'My Page' please contact me and I will set this up for you.

If you are unable to enter through 'My Page', you can find a manual entry form in the information sheet on the NZ Masters Swimming website. A $5 surcharge is added to manual entries. Note that this will be entered through the SNZ system on your behalf by the meet organisers, and seed times automatically calculated as per the online entry process.

Entries close 12th May, and a $5 late entry fee will be added after 5th May. No late entries will be accepted.

Please note
If you have not yet paid your annual subscription for the 2018/2019 year, you can pay this from your 'My Page' under 'Membership Subscriptions'. You must be currently financial to enter this event. Please contact your club secretary for any queries regarding your financial status for the 2018-2019 year.


Liz Davidson
IT Officer - NZ Masters Swimming