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Secretary/Treasurer’s Report to NZMS AGM, 25th May 2018

The financial review for 2017 was prepared by Carolyn Franklin of EBA Ltd, Rotorua and a copy of the review is included. 

The 2017 financial review will be placed on the NZ Charities Commission website

For many years NZ Masters Swimming has managed its own Membership database (Access). This year our membership was incorporated into the Swimming NZ database and new profiles for all 2017 financial swimmers were created. This resulted in the NZMS membership year ending 31st December changing to 30th June in line with Swimming NZ. All financial swimmers for 2017 and new swimmers from 1st January 2018 have received free membership in NZMS until 30th June 2018. Every swimmer is now able to access and edit their own profile through “My Page” on the Swimming NZ website. The National Secretary and IT officer (Liz Davidson) have access to all swimmer’s profiles. For the first time in NZMS, swimmers have been able to enter Masters Swimming events on line and this happened for the North Island Short Course Championships in Auckland and the National Short Course Championships in Whakatane (some entries were also sent by post or email). With increasing swimmer’s confidence, we hope that online entries will become standard. John Fisher and Liz Davidson have been instrumental in bringing this new facility to NZMS.

Revenue for 2017 came mainly from subscriptions. Subscriptions were paid by cheques or by direct credit into the NZMS account by club secretaries/treasurers. On line entry fees to meetings were transferred by direct credit by Swimming NZ into the NZ Masters swimming account. These fees were subsequently transferred to the accounts of hosting clubs. This year sanction fees and medal costs were waived for our Masters events; South Island SC, North Island SC and National SC. The hosting of Masters Swimming events remains problematic with very few club offering to host meetings. From experience, once a Masters club has established a good working relationship with their local Swimming club and Aquatic Centre, hosting a meeting is rewarding. 

The 2017 review is comprehensive, but I have summarized the main figures as follow:

1) Total revenue was $43,548, cost of sales was $5,314 and the total income was $39,250

2) Total expenses were $36,115

3) Therefore, the net surplus was $3,095

4) Equity at start of year was $70,605; equity at end of year was $73,700

5) Total current assets are $76,117; total current liabilities are $2,417; therefore, net assets are $73,700

NZMS operates a cheque account for the day to day income and expenses transactions, a Fast Saver savings account and a Savings Plus account.

On January 1st 2017 the cheque account balance was $27,276.44 and on January 1st 2018 the balance was $23,396.29 

On January 1st 2017 the Savings Plus account balance was $42,365.24 and on January 1st 2018 the balance was $43,380.31

On January 1st 2017 the Fast Saver account balance was $676.40 and on January 1st 2018 the balance was $677.23

In 2017 there were 673 memberships (710 in 2016) but since the 6 months of free membership until 30th June 2018, the membership has increased to 782 to date. The Northern Region (1) had 479 members, the District Region had 92 members, the Central Region had 38 members, the Capital Region had 77 members and the Southern Region had 96 members. The Northern Region, which includes Auckland and Northland accounts for 61% of the membership. Roskill Masters has 101 registered members, followed by North Shore Masters, 83, South City Masters, 72, Manukau Masters, 53 and Waitakere City Masters with 44. Swim360, another Auckland based club, was formed last year and has been very active in recruiting new members and now has 40 registered swimmers. The South Island contribution to members of Masters Swimming is disappointing and this is reflected in the reluctance of South Island clubs, except Ashburton Masters, to host sanctioned swimming events. 

The monthly newsletter reaches all registered swimmers by MailChimp and we are pleased to advertise any other swimming events that involve the participation of Masters swimmers, namely, the Auckland Central Masters Openwater swims, the Ocean Swims Series, Hamilton 5 Bridges swim and the Flannagan Cup event in New Plymouth. The sanctioned pool meetings included the North Island (Waitakere City Masters) and South Island Short Course (Ashburton Masters) events, The National Long Course event (Whakatane Masters) and the World Masters Games in Auckland.

Thank you to members of the executive, John Fisher and Warren Gilbertson. And thank you to Andrew Gabites, Lesley Parkin, Liz Davidson, Jan O’Donnell and Liesl Ploos Van Amstel for their roles as NZMS officers and their respective services during the year. 

Mike Bodger


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