Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Swim Workout - Interval Training Set

Warm up - 300m
 3 X 100m (50m swim free, 50m catchup drill)

Technique  - 400m
4 x 50m kick with fins
4 x 50m swim using fins and paddles

Main - Endurance - 2.1km

Set 1: maintain steady heartrate
4x 150m free on 2.45
100 easy

Rest 1min

Set 2: 3secs faster than set 1
4 x 150m free on 3min
100m easy

Rest 1min

Set 3: 6secs faster than set 1
4x 150m free on 3.15min
100 easy

Warm Down - 200m any stroke but Free

TOTAL:  3km

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