Wednesday, 1 February 2017

"...Here We Go Again..." says Katrina Price - LAKE TAUPO CIRCUMNAVIGATION STAGE SWIM 10 Feb 2017

"So here we go again. On Feb 10th Myself and Mike Cochrane with our support crew will attempt to
Swim The Circumference of Lake Taupo 155km.

Peter Cook is the only person to have completed this challenge non wetsuit he swam unsupported towing a fibre glass catamaran pod on Feb 13th 2012 taking 13 days. Peter inspired me to take on this challenge along with Mike. We will be attempting to become the 1st Female and Male non wetsuit team to complete this stage swim with a crew supporting us.
If you would like to follow us.  Mike has set up a site:  Lake Taupo Circumnavigation Stage Swim

Thank you to my amazing support team for helping me get to the start line.

Garth, Mum, Dad, Teresa Urlich-Grant, Paul Dufty, Tarn Adams, Ashlesha Heap(Matt), Dianne Leather(Gary)"
 Katrina Price

All the best Mike and Kat!

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