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NZMS AGM 6 May 2016 - Secretary's Report

In my role as treasurer of NZMS I operate an accounting system using the MYOB software. The financial review for 2015 was prepared by Carolyn Franklin of EBA Ltd, Rotorua and a copy of the review is included.

The 2015 financial review will be placed on the NZ Charities Commission website and the incorporated society’s website

Revenue came mainly from subscriptions, sanctioned meetings/postal meeting, entry fees and merchandise sales. After the initial sales following publication in 2014, sales of the NZMS History publication have been “slow”. 96 of 200 remain unsold. Subscriptions are paid by cheques from club secretaries or direct credit into the NZMS account. The time lapse between payment to club secretaries and to the National secretary can mean that swimmers are not financial on the national database.

Major expenses include honoraria, medals and professional accounting fees.

The 2015 review is comprehensive but I have summarized the main figures as follow:

1) Total revenue was $39,579; cost of sales was $4,236 and the total income was $35,343

2) Total expenses were $30,365

3) Therefore the net surplus was $6,543

4) Equity at start of year was $52,802; equity at end of year was $59,344

5) Total current assets are $69,277; total current liabilities are $9,933; therefore net assets are $59,344.

A proposed budget for 2016 is summarized as follows:


Subscriptions 600@$60 $36,000

Sanction Fees 1x$500, 2x$350, 2x$200 1,600

Postal Swim Entry Fees 25 X $5 125

Medals LC 3,000

NISC and SISC 1,000

Ribbons 500

Total $42,225


Secretary $15,000 incl. PAYE

Webmaster 3,000

IT Officer 2,000

National Recorder 3,000

Swim Officer 1,500

Masterscrawl Editor 1,000

Telephone/Internet 1,000

Aquatics Fee 200

ACC 500

Printing /Certificates 400

Internet Domain 400

Meet Manager 500

AGM/Allowances 1,400

Medals/Ribbons 4,000

Accountancy Fees 1,300

Total $35,200

NZMS operates a cheque account for the day to day income and expenses transactions, a Fast Saver savings account and a Savings Plus account.

On January 1st 2015 the cheque account balance was $12,386.48 and on January 1st 2016 the balance was $17,811.22

On January 1st 2015 the Savings Plus account balance was $39,595.27 and on January 1st 2016 the balance was $41,144.84

On January 1st 2015 the Fast Saver account balance was $654.34 and on January 1st 2016 the balance was $670.42

We are phasing out payment using cheques and using direct credit from the NZMS cheque account into individual and business bank accounts. In other words, internet banking which requires myself, as secretary setting up the payment and John, as President, verifying the payment. In my role as secretary of NZMS I have continued to maintain the national database, organize the annual Open Water championships and the postal swims, and organize the AGM including the dissemination of NZMS officer’s reports to regional delegates. On a day to day basis I answer the many inquiries that I receive from NZMS club secretaries and swimmers as well inquiries from overseas. The monthly newsletter continues to be popular and I receive encouraging feedback from club secretaries for and club members. The newsletter continues to provide information on upcoming events for the month, sanctioned meetings and news items on member’s achievements.

In 2015 there were 44 “active” Masters Clubs in New Zealand (1 or more financial swimmers). New clubs have been formed in Rolleston, Selwyn Masters, Ashburton and Havelock North, Greendale Masters. The Northern Region, which includes Auckland and Northland accounted for 51% of the membership for 2015. New members have their details and date of birth placed on the database and each is issued with a membership number. Emails to them and their club secretary are sent for their own records.

Thank you to members of the executive, John Fisher and Warren Gilbertson. And thank you to Andrew Gabites, Lesley Parkin, Liz Davidson, Jan O’Donnell and Liesl Ploos Van Amstel for their roles as NZMS officers and their respective services during the year.


Download the Secretary's Report at this link:  Secretary Report

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