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NZMS Swimmer of The Year 2015 - Eleanor Pinfold

Every year New Zealand Masters Swimming chooses their “Swimmer of the year”.

This trophy is presented to the swimmer who, in the preceding year has, in the opinion of the Executive, been an outstanding New Zealand swimmer at national and/or at international level. While performance is the main criterion, the Executive, assisted by the National Recorder, also considers the extent of participation in New Zealand Masters swimming events.

Our Swimmer of the year for 2015 was Eleanor Pinfold from the Hamilton club.

During 2015, Eleanor broke NZ records 8 times.

In a single meet, she almost made a complete sweep of all the Freestyle short course records (her 800m time could not be ratified due to having only one timekeeper).

Two of these records were from last century!

The 1500m record had stood since 1991, amazingly Eleanor managed to take more than 4 minutes off that time.

The 50m record had not been broken since 1987.

At the time of the award, Eleanor was the holder of 18 NZ records.

Swimming New Zealand invited Eleanor to their awards dinner at the Auckland ASB Showgrounds on April 2nd to be presented with our trophy. SNZ also presented their own trophy to Eleanor.

Eleanor was a fantastic ambassador for Masters, she thanked NZ Masters for selecting her and said she felt honoured and humbled to be presented the award in front of so many national and international swimmers.

Eleanor owes her love of swimming to her dad who had all of the family taught to swim at a very young age, by Hamilton’s Bob Frankham who taught several generations of Hamiltonians to swim and took on those with more interest and promise into his coaching squad. She swam competitively for 10 years happy to make the Waikato teams but never to the nationals.

She joined Vancouver’s UBC masters in 1983 and continued to have great coaching and competed with their team in British Columbia, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec then further afield to Tokyo, NZ and Brisbane. Since returning to NZ she again had great coaching both with a masters coach and triathlon coaches and competed in the Masters World swimming in Christchurch, Perth and Italy.
Eleanor said she felt grateful and lucky to have experienced a lifetime of swimming, meeting wonderful swimmers from all over the world and having so many fantastic memories.
The Masters award was followed by SNZ’s Supreme Award, which went to Lauren Boyle. Lauren very graciously started her speech with an acknowledgement of Eleanor’s lifetime of swimming.

Many congratulations Eleanor.

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Sand to Surf, Mt Maunganui - 19 November 2016
Harbour Crossing, Auckland - 3 December 2016
Capital Classic, Wellington - 29 January 2017
Legend of The Lake, Rotorua - 18 February 2017
Christchurch Crown, Christchurch - 4th March 2017
Bay of Islands, Paihia - 18 March 2017
King of the Bays, Auckland - 8 April 2017

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HERNE BAY - 29 October 2016
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Thursday, 2 June 2016

NZMS AGM 6 May 2016 - Minutes


Held on Friday 6th May, 2016 at Suncourt Motel, Taupo


Meeting Commenced at 9.30am

President: John Fisher (WK1)
Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Bodger (WH2)
Northern Region: John Trubnick (SC1)
District Region: Eleanor Pinfold (HM2)
Capital Region: Barry Lake(HC4)
Swimming Officer/Trophies Officer: Lesley Parkin (LV4)
IT Officer: Liz Davidson (NS1)
Open Water Swimming: Mike Bodger (WH2)

John Fisher welcomed everyone present to the Annual General Meeting and thanked them for their attendance.  Regional delegates and officers introduced.

Andrew Gabites (Webmaster), Liesl Ploos Van Amstel (Masterscrawl Editor), Warren Gilbertson (Vice President), Jan O’Donnell (National Recorder).

DECEASED MEMBERS:  Wayne Evans (FV5), Olga Johnson (DL2)
THE MINUTES of the 42th Annual General Meeting held on Friday 23rd March 2015 were presented to the meeting and then accepted as a true and correct record.
Moved by Liz Davidson and seconded by John Trubnick that the minutes of AGM2015 be accepted.



The financial review for 2015 was completed by EBA Ltd Rotorua and circulated to the executive, officers and delegates prior to the AGM. Accounting fees totalled $1,250. The net surplus stood at $6,543, up from $4,629 the previous year.

The balance stood at $59,344, up from $52,802 in 2015.  The cheque account balance was $12,386.48 at January 1st 2015 and $17,811.22 at January 1st 2016.  The Fast Saver account balance was $654.34 at January 1st 2015 and $670.42 at January 1st 2016. And the Savings Plus account balance was $39,595.27 at January 1st 2015 and on January 1st 2016 the balance was $41,144.84. Once again NZMS should be in a positive financial position at the end of the year. We are phasing out the use of cheques and using ASB business internet banking for purchases and payment of honoraria.

As usual, the financial review will be placed on the Charities website but it is not necessary for the review to be placed on the Incorporated Societies website. Of 200 copies of the History of NZ Masters Swimming purchased in 2014, 96 remain unsold.  The publication has appealed to older swimmers.

For 2015, NZMS had 44 “active” clubs (1 or more financial swimmer) and 641 financial swimmers. The Northern Region, Northland and Auckland, account for 51% of the membership.

Moved by John Trubnick and seconded by Liz Davidson, that the secretary’s report be accepted.


The present membership fee is $60.  The fee was viewed by the meeting as value for money and our sound financial situation may help lessen the risk to clubs hosting swim meetings. In the last four years the South Island Short Course Championships have been cancelled twice due to the lack of support by swimmers. John Fisher proposed that the membership fee remain at $60 and this motion was seconded by Barry Lake and accepted by the meeting.


The honorarium is strictly seen as an acknowledgement of services and is not a salary.  The following payments are made annually to recipients.
Secretary/Treasurer $15000                                                    
National Recorder      $3000 (of which 33% is expenses)
Computer Officer       $2000
Webmaster                  $3000 
Swim Officer                $1500
Masterscrawl Editor   $1000
These were approved by the meeting and will remain unchanged.  The meeting decided that as officers leave these roles in the future, the level of honoraria would be examined again.

Moved by John Trubnick, seconded by Barry Lake that the honoraria payments remain unchanged for 2016. Carried.

NZMS also pays an annual fee of $200 to Aquatics New Zealand, who oversees all aquatic divisions in New Zealand. Our representative from Masters Swimming is Roger Eagles (FV5) and Roger will continue in this role for 2016.


The report from John was circulated to councillors at the meeting.

John was pleased to report that after some uncertainties in 2014, 2015 proved to be a year of increased membership and more clubs hosting swim meetings.  The National Long Course Championships, hosted by South City and Manukau Masters, attracted 140 swimmers. Ashburton stepped up at short notice to host the South Island Short Course meeting and NZMS was very grateful to Steve Prescott and his team. The North Island Short Course championship was well promoted by Levin Masters and attracted 130 swimmers. Lesley Parkin is an untiring member of the Levin club and we thank Lesley and her team.  Sanctioned meetings drive the membership of NZMS and 2016 is looking even better.  NZ Masters Swimming is in a sound financial position, the best it’s been in the last ten years. John is a member of the swimming committee for the 2017 World Masters Games in Auckland and NZMS looks forward to welcoming more swimmers as the Games approach.

Moved by Liz Davidson and seconded by Eleanor Pinfold to accept John’s report.

SPONSORSHIP:  Over the years Levin Masters has successfully applied for local sponsorship for their swim meeting and their model is one that other hosting clubs can follow.  Notice of club affiliation to NZMS is required. A motion was put forward by Barry Lake that the National Secretary send out each year an Affiliation Letter to all clubs with a link to the Department of Internal Affairs and organisations that provide grants.  The motion was seconded by John Fisher.

COMPUTER OFFICER’S REPORT Liz Davidson - Download full report here

The report from Liz was circulated to councillors prior to the meeting.

The report was read to the committee.

The present database for NZMS serves us adequately and the processing of approximately 640 registered members for 2015 is easily manageable by manual input of data. At the present time the National Secretary enters primary data into the database and Liz carries out an additional check on the data looking for misspelt surnames, errors in Date of Birth and double ups of names (a swimmer returning after many years of not being financial).  Discussions to re-organise the database are on-going but a shared, cloud-based database is envisaged for the IT officer and the National Secretary. Also John Fisher moved a motion for Liz to look into providing mass email capability. 

The issuing of travel permits is a lengthy exercise but very appreciated by swimmers and 2016 permits are being issued.  Meet Manager is the only available software for running swim meeting and works efficiently when Liz does the initial set up for clubs to enter swimmer’s details. 

Liz was also congratulated for her speedy completion of the Top Ten Rankings for 2015 and points for Top Club.

Moved by Barry Lake and seconded by Lesly Parkin to accept Liz’s report.

WEBMASTER’S REPORT Andrew Gabites - Download full report here

The report from Andrew was circulated to councillors prior to the meeting.  In the absence of Andrew his report was taken as read.

What is seen as important is the number of hits on a website. For many years the NZMS website was the only site for swimming information but now with the introduction of Facebook, monthly newsletter and Masterscrawl the total reach is much greater. This has lead to a progressive reduction of hits on the NZMS website, not necessarily because of competition but with how people find their information (In contrast, Barry Lake said the Harbour Capital website receives more hits than their Facebook). 

It is important that the front page of the website set a serious tone and continues as a repository for archives. A motion was put forward that a link to be included on the front page where newsier items appear.

The webmaster also recommended that new technologies be used to upgrade the website with a motion put forward that the executive examine this upgrade. The meeting accepted the report as read, noting the motions arising from the discussions.

Moved by Liz Davidson and seconded by Barry Lake to accept Andrew’s report

MASTERSCRAWL EDITOR’S REPORT Liesl Ploos Van Amstel - Download full report here

The report from Liesl was circulated to councillors prior to the meeting and read at the meeting.

Swim T3 has indicated that they would like to have a bigger role in NZ Masters Swimming and we are grateful for their continued support with the voucher system. The monthly newsletter is now appearing on the website and therefore is accessible to all swimmers.

Moved by Barry Lake and seconded John Fisher to accept Liesl’s report.

SWIMMING OFFICER’S REPORT Lesley Parkin - Download full report here

The report from Lesley was circulated to councillors prior to the meeting.

Special thanks was extended to Lesley for re-writing the procedures for hosting swim meetings.  Each meeting has specific procedures to follow and it is important that hosting clubs and Lesley work closely together.

With the approaching World Masters Games in 2017, and swimming being one of the disciplines, it is important that procedures for ratifying records by Masters swimmers at this meeting be rigidly followed.

There is the expectation by swimmers to receive medals at the Long Course Championships and the North Island/South Island Short Course meetings but a host club can recognize place-getters with another form of award. Medals are a cost to the host club and must be included into the meeting budget.

Moved by Liz Davidson, seconded by Mike Bodger to accept Lesley’s report

OPEN WATER SWIMMING REPORT Mike Bodger - Download full report here

The report from Mike was circulated to councillors prior to the meeting.

NZ Masters Swimmers continue to support the many open-water event through New Zealand but our own open-water championship is relatively poorly supported due to it being a non-wetsuit event. It was moved by Liz Davidson and seconded by John Trubnick that NZ Masters Swimming should survey the membership if they want to continue with a non-wetsuit event.  In the past three years our event has run concurrently with an Auckland Central Masters open-water event and we are grateful to their continued support.

Moved by Lesley Parkin and seconded by Eleanor Pinfold to accept Mike’s report.

NATIONAL RECORDER REPORT Jan O’Donnell - Download full report here

The report from Jan was circulated to councillors prior to the meeting.

The meeting congratulated Jan on her continued service to NZ Masters Swimming and her dedication to accuracy.

Moved John Fisher and seconded by Eleanor Pinfold to accept Jan’s report.

TROPHIES OFFICER REPORT Lesley Parkin - Download full report here

The report from Lesley was circulated to councillors prior to the meeting.

A memorial race to honour the late Wayne Evans(FV5) will be contested at the 2016 South Island Short Course Championships. A member of Wayne’s family will present the new trophy and NZ Masters Swimming will make a donation towards their costs of attending the meeting and presentation.

Only three Robert McClure Medals for the men’s 65-69 yrs 400m Individual Medley remain and we would like to see this tradition continued. The addition of two further trophies in honour of the late Barry Young (NS1) and Olga Johnson (DL2) was discussed by the meeting and the executive will liaise with their respective clubs about the nature of the trophies. As older swimmers, the trophies to honour Barry and Olga may have an age group restriction and a gender restriction.

Moved by John Trubnick and seconded by Barry Lake to accept Lesley’s report.

ELECTIONS:  John Fisher was re-elected President and Warren Gilbertson was re-elected Vice-President of NZ Masters Swimming.  There were no other nominees.


The current officer’s positions were endorsed.

National Secretary/Treasurer – Mike Bodger
Webmaster - Andrew Gabites
Swimming Officer – Lesley Parkin
National Recorder – Jan O’Donnell
Computer/IT Officer – Liz Davidson
Masterscrawl Editor – Liesl Ploos Van Amstel
Openwater Swimming Officer – Mike Bodger

The executive will discuss the expectation of officers attending the AGM.


No remits.  However, a letter will be sent to regional secretaries each election year with a list of nominees for President and Vice-President.


Swimmer of the Year:  Eleanor Pinfold (HM2) who swims in the 65-69year age group. 

A Certificate of Achievement for 2015 was awarded to Jo Matthews (MS4).


South Island Short Course 2016 – Ashburton

North Island Short Course 2016 - Taupo

National Long Course Championships 2016 – North Shore

Hamilton Meeting – 30 July 2016

Hosting clubs for 2017 swim meetings are required.  We discussed the possibility of holding the 2017 Long Course Championship concurrently with the World Masters Games in April but the idea was rejected due to registration costs and the issue of registered Masters swimmers competing against non-registered swimmers.


The exclusivity of the Life Membership Award must be maintained but the President was keen to see the introduction of a National Service Award.  This will be discussed at the next executive meeting.  A list of Awardees for Life Memberships and Service Awards will be prepared for display on the websites.

The meeting closed at 3.30pm

Download the minutes at this link:  Minutes AGM 6 May 2016

NZMS AGM 6 May 2016 - President's Report

In many areas, 2015 was a successful year for NZMS.

The decline in membership has been reversed and 2015 saw a modest increase in numbers.
More clubs are volunteering to hold sanctioned meets and it’s been very encouraging that the attendance at the events continues to increase.

South City and Manakau hosted a very successful National Long Course Championship at Papatoetoe with the highest attendance at a Nationals in many years.

The fledgling Ashburton club led the resurgence in the South Island. Their short course championships was a terrific event held at really stunning new pool. They will be running the same event in 2016 and hope to make it even better.

Levin showed us all how to use social media to promote an event and managed to surpass everyone’s expectations with a very high attendance.

The success of these meets has given other clubs the confidence to host their own events and as a result we have a pipeline organised much further in advance than has been the case in recent years. This takes the pressure off the executive and allows us to look into other ways of modernising the organisation.

Each time we hold a sanctioned meet, we notice a surge in membership as swimmers register to be eligible. After the meet we get much more online activity, as we post reports, photos and results. The competitors and clubs also share their own photos and experiences through social media. This boosts the interest of the wider swimming public and they become followers of NZMS. Our following makes it much easier to attract sponsorship, helping to make the next event even better.

The executive, council, clubs and members all contribute and have a vital role in maintaining the momentum of this cycle.

The organisation is in a sound financial position and we can look at using the modest surplus to fund an improved infrastructure.

What worked last year will not work forever and to maintain continuous improvement we need to learn from each event.

Unfortunately the planned Cambridge meet was cancelled. This was unfortunate but there is every chance that this valued annual event can be resurrected at a new facility.

We have a continued good relationship with Swimming NZ and few of us attended the annual Swimming NZ awards to watch Eleanor Pinfold receive our Masters Swimmer of the Year award. As a member of the committee organising the 2017 World Masters Games I continue to meet with SNZ on a regular basis.

Once again I extend sincere and grateful thanks go to office bearers, Mike Bodger (National Secretary), Warren Gilbertson (Vice President), Andrew Gabites (Webmaster), Jan O’Donnell (National Recorder), Lesley Parkin (Swimming & Trophies Officer) and Liz Davidson (IT Officer).

I’m fully aware of the amount of time you all invest in NZMS and I genuinely appreciate your support.

We are also indebted to Roger Eagles who has continued with his representation of NZMS on the FINA Masters Committee and in Aquatics NZ, which he chairs.

NZMS is very lucky to have the continued support of these dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.

Once again, it’s been a great privilege to have represented you as president.

John Fisher
President 2015-2016

Download the President's Report at this link:  President's Report

NZMS AGM 6 May 2016 - Secretary's Report

In my role as treasurer of NZMS I operate an accounting system using the MYOB software. The financial review for 2015 was prepared by Carolyn Franklin of EBA Ltd, Rotorua and a copy of the review is included.

The 2015 financial review will be placed on the NZ Charities Commission website and the incorporated society’s website

Revenue came mainly from subscriptions, sanctioned meetings/postal meeting, entry fees and merchandise sales. After the initial sales following publication in 2014, sales of the NZMS History publication have been “slow”. 96 of 200 remain unsold. Subscriptions are paid by cheques from club secretaries or direct credit into the NZMS account. The time lapse between payment to club secretaries and to the National secretary can mean that swimmers are not financial on the national database.

Major expenses include honoraria, medals and professional accounting fees.

The 2015 review is comprehensive but I have summarized the main figures as follow:

1) Total revenue was $39,579; cost of sales was $4,236 and the total income was $35,343

2) Total expenses were $30,365

3) Therefore the net surplus was $6,543

4) Equity at start of year was $52,802; equity at end of year was $59,344

5) Total current assets are $69,277; total current liabilities are $9,933; therefore net assets are $59,344.

A proposed budget for 2016 is summarized as follows:


Subscriptions 600@$60 $36,000

Sanction Fees 1x$500, 2x$350, 2x$200 1,600

Postal Swim Entry Fees 25 X $5 125

Medals LC 3,000

NISC and SISC 1,000

Ribbons 500

Total $42,225


Secretary $15,000 incl. PAYE

Webmaster 3,000

IT Officer 2,000

National Recorder 3,000

Swim Officer 1,500

Masterscrawl Editor 1,000

Telephone/Internet 1,000

Aquatics Fee 200

ACC 500

Printing /Certificates 400

Internet Domain 400

Meet Manager 500

AGM/Allowances 1,400

Medals/Ribbons 4,000

Accountancy Fees 1,300

Total $35,200

NZMS operates a cheque account for the day to day income and expenses transactions, a Fast Saver savings account and a Savings Plus account.

On January 1st 2015 the cheque account balance was $12,386.48 and on January 1st 2016 the balance was $17,811.22

On January 1st 2015 the Savings Plus account balance was $39,595.27 and on January 1st 2016 the balance was $41,144.84

On January 1st 2015 the Fast Saver account balance was $654.34 and on January 1st 2016 the balance was $670.42

We are phasing out payment using cheques and using direct credit from the NZMS cheque account into individual and business bank accounts. In other words, internet banking which requires myself, as secretary setting up the payment and John, as President, verifying the payment. In my role as secretary of NZMS I have continued to maintain the national database, organize the annual Open Water championships and the postal swims, and organize the AGM including the dissemination of NZMS officer’s reports to regional delegates. On a day to day basis I answer the many inquiries that I receive from NZMS club secretaries and swimmers as well inquiries from overseas. The monthly newsletter continues to be popular and I receive encouraging feedback from club secretaries for and club members. The newsletter continues to provide information on upcoming events for the month, sanctioned meetings and news items on member’s achievements.

In 2015 there were 44 “active” Masters Clubs in New Zealand (1 or more financial swimmers). New clubs have been formed in Rolleston, Selwyn Masters, Ashburton and Havelock North, Greendale Masters. The Northern Region, which includes Auckland and Northland accounted for 51% of the membership for 2015. New members have their details and date of birth placed on the database and each is issued with a membership number. Emails to them and their club secretary are sent for their own records.

Thank you to members of the executive, John Fisher and Warren Gilbertson. And thank you to Andrew Gabites, Lesley Parkin, Liz Davidson, Jan O’Donnell and Liesl Ploos Van Amstel for their roles as NZMS officers and their respective services during the year.


Download the Secretary's Report at this link:  Secretary Report

NZMS AGM 6 May 2016 - Links to all AGM Documnets

Click on the links below to download the AGM Reports

1. Minutes
2. President's Report
3. Secretary's Report
4.  Open Water Swimming Report 
5.  National Recorder Report 
6.  Editors Report
7.  Financial Report
8.  IT Report
9.  Swim Officer Report
10.  Trophies Report
11.  Webmasters Report


AUCKLAND SHORT COURSE CHAMPS:  11 JUNE 2016, Cameron Pool,  Entry Form 


SHEAR MAGIC MASTERTON MASTERS 2016 Half Hour Postal Swim 1 - 31st July:  Split Time Sheet  and  Entry Form

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2016 OCEANIA ONE HOUR POSTAL SWIM:  1 -30 September 2016.  Split Time Sheet and Entry Form

2016 NZ MASTERS POSTAL MEETS Meets 800m & 1500m, and 1 hour swim distances: 1 - 30th October 2016. Split Time Sheet and Entry Form