Monday, 14 September 2015

What Deryn McGregor has to say about her experience in an Endless Pool at The Swim Clinic

"I was really excited to learn I had won the draw for the 1 hr private lesson and video analysis in an Endless Pool with The Swim Clinic. The main reason I had entered the draw was that I was very keen to see what it was like to swim in an Endless Pool as the idea of owning one when I eventually get that lifestyle property in the wop wops is an attractive one.

Endless Pools Distributor and Professional Swim Coach Ally Boggs set up a time for the session and then I waited (im)patiently for the day to arrive. Finally it was time to head to Ally’s house on the Whangaparoa peninsula.

Ally is very well set up. The pool is in what was formerly a garage; there are windows for ventilation and a small room at the back suitable for changing in. Because Ally teaches a lot of children (translation: there is loads of splashing) most of the garage has waterproof surfaces, even the walls are covered in a waterproof jib.

One of the first questions I asked Ally was “What kind of people usually buy an Endless Pool?”, the answer to which was “Generally middle aged or older people who have built their dream home”. Hmmmm, that leaves me out then, no dream home here, my Endless Pool will be in a hay barn and I will be sleeping in a campervan.

Ally had me start off with some freestyle; she was filming and talking into the Go Pro the whole time. At first it was a bit unusual to swim against a strong current, I didn’t seem to be holding a perfectly straight line and had to keep straightening up. Ally then instructed me to stop and we talked a bit about my stroke weaknesses. Between us, and partly because breaststroke is my main stroke we decided to look at and film the other strokes before returning to spend some time to correct the freestyle.

Breaststroke is a lot of fun in an Endless Pool. Butterfly is very, very hard work. Backstroke I didn’t do in the end due to an injury.

After receiving some great tips for breaststroke and butterfly we returned to freestyle. Remember how I said I had found it difficult to stay straight. Ally’s analysis was that I had a slight streamline/timing issue. She gave me a couple of exercises to do and wow, what a difference, no trouble staying straight now.

Before I knew it my time was up and I had enjoyed every minute. Most importantly I had learned a lot and picked up some very valuable tips that will help me improve my swimming. Ally had videoed the entire session and narrated throughout so I would have a full record. Sure enough, 2 days later my flash drive showed up so I can view and self-analyse and have a permanent record.

So what did I think? Well I’m sold! I want an Endless Pool, I just need somewhere to put it. As for Ally and her coaching, she is very perceptive and really knows her stuff. She gave me great technique tips and the drills to help improve my swimming. I have added these into my training. I will be back to see Ally in about 6 months for an update.

Deryn McGregor
South City Masters"

For more information on The Swim Clinic and to book a session in an Endless Pools please visit their website.


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