Monday, 29 June 2015

Katrina Speaks About Her 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim

"My journey swimming the Hudson River was a dream come true. I was surrounded by Marathon swimmers from around the world all sharing friendships and stories of the many straits and swims they have completed.

The event was very well run and organised and the NZ team was treated like royalty. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this swim to any other Marathon swimmer wanting to do this. Everyone was so positive and the energy was electric,  I wouldn't want to change a moment of this experience, it's one that will stay with me forever.

Swimming passed the Statue of Liberty towards the Manhattan skyline with team mate Heather  was a definite highlight.

I am now hooked for life and ready to take on another Marathon swim in the future.

The only negative part of the trip was that a good cup of coffee was very hard to find."

          Katrina Price

June 8: Despite battling a cold, Katrina finishes stage 1 of the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, 30km in 5hr 35min.

June 9: Heather Osbourne and Katrina take on stage 2, 30km. Team NZ sat in third place with only 2km to go but it just wasn't meant to be. As the tide turned and strong currents swept in all other swimmers left the water, but Team NZ fought to the end with Heather refusing to give up until she was pulled. Only 2 solo swimmers finished this stage.  Left:  Kat and Heather.   Right: Heather not giving up

June 10: Katrina finishes Stage 3 in 4:43.51 and as has already clocked up 60km in 3 days while still battling a nasty cold.

June 11: Kat finishes stage 4 in 6th place (solo swimmers) in a time of 4.53.24

June 13: NZ Team, Katrina, Heather and Garth Ingle finish stage 6 of 15.7 miles in 3.32.41


 June 14: NZ Team Heather and Kat swim the final stage of the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim of 18.6 miles 

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