Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shear Magic Masterton Masters 2015 Half Hour Postal Swim


Shear Magic Masterton Masters 2015 Half Hour Postal Swim                         

Event Rules: 
  • Can be swum in any pool 25 metres or longer. If the pool is not metric, distances are to be submitted in yards and will be converted to metres by Masterton Masters Swimming.
  • May be swum anytime between 1st June and 30th June 2015.
  • Only one timekeeper is required but a record of the split time for every second length of the pool is required.
  • The split time sheet must be submitted with the swimmer's entry.
  • The event must be swum within a single half hour period. Swimmers may stop during the swim but the clock must be kept going. The distance swum is to be rounded down to the nearest 5 metre increment.
  • Age will be as at 31st Dec. 2015.
  • Age group will be as for Masters Swimming events. 

Eligibility: Any swimmer 20 years of age and over who is a registered Masters Swimmer.

Entry Fee: $NZ5-00 per NZMS competitor.

Certificates : All swimmers will receive a certificate.

Results will be mailed to Secretaries of Clubs with members participating in the event.

E-mail enquiries to: Graeme Corrin (Contact Graeme if you want an entry form emailed to you.)

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