Sunday, 12 April 2015

Levin's Annual Autumn Meet and NISC

Levin Masters Swimming

At Levin Masters Swimming, we have a busy year lined up. We are hosts of the:

and the

Honestly, it’s lucky we see ourselves as superheroes

We want you to feel like a superhero too. And you can. Just follow these 2 easy steps:

1. Enter the 33rd Autumn Meet. It’s a fun meet. There will be chocolate fish.

If you haven’t been before, you need to know that you’ll be top of the list for a very flash towel. A towel with our name and logo on it, big as can be. We want everyone to know you’ve been to Levin.

2. Enter the NISC champs. We’re bribing you to enter. Not only will you receive the status of superhero, but if one of the following apply, you get a discount. Are you:

a. A first time entrant in a NISC championship?

b. Have you also entered in the 33rd Annual Autumn Meet?

c. Are you Spiderman, Superman, Hermione Granger, or Glinda the good witch of the North?

Entry forms for the Autumn Meet can be found on

Entry forms for the NISC champs will be available at the time of the Autumn Meet. We will be there gently persuading you, showing you our discounts.

Complaints or enquiries see our Secretary Sarah:

Workout of The Week

Warm up: 2x400 as alternating 50 swim, 50 fingertip drag

Main set:
10x100 done as 25 ALL OUT SPRINT, 75 technique focus on 30s rest
5x200 at moderate pace on 20s rest

Cool down: 200 easy

Upcoming Events

10km Marathon Swim - 26 April 2015

STATE NEW ZEALAND OCEANSWIM SERIES 2014/2015: Dates for swims announced. Bay of Islands Classic, Paihia, Saturday 22nd November 2014; Harbour Crossing, Auckland, Sunday 7th December 2014; Capital Classic, Wellington, Sunday 25th January 2015; La Grande Swim, Akaroa, Sunday 15th February 2015; Sand to Surf, Mt Maunganui, Saturday 21st March 2015 and King of the Bays, Auckland, Saturday 18th April 2015.  ENTER HERE:

LEVIN 33rd ANNUAL AUTUMN MEET:  8 - 9 May 2015, Levin Aquatic Centre,  entry form

AUCKLAND SHORT COURSE CHAMPS:  9 May 2015, Cameron Pool, Mt Roskill, entry form

NZMS NISC 2015 - 16 and 17 October 2015 hosted by Levin, entry forms available soon!

Winner of the Swim T3 $50 Voucher - Like and Subscribe Competition

The winner of the $50 Swim T3 voucher is

Ingrid Saxton