Sunday, 11 January 2015


Levin Masters Swimmers

Host of the 2015

At Levin Masters Swimming we feel we have a certain reputation:

If we were a girl we would be holding a glass of bubbly with Amy Winehouse hair and eyes, fixing you in the force field of our stare, drawing you in. Our Doc Martin boots would be laced up tight and we’d be ready to dance, ready for anything. We laugh at blisters. Our thighs are toned and so are our
brains. We can synchronize swim without water.

If we were a boy we would be Batman, so handsome in black and with enough cool to save the ice caps from melting. We look good in a skin-tight suit and a rubber hat . . . with ears. We’re also fabulous cooks, and we rock a pinny too, a floral one with a big pocket which we find handy.

Be there, and be a super hero

More information to come soon on NZMS and Masterscrawl websites, and random newsletters like this beauty.

Complaints or enquires see our Secretary Sarah:

Disclaimer: blah blah blah we are not responsible, ok.

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