Wednesday, 28 May 2014

NZMS AGM 2014 - Key Items and Reports

The AGM was held on 10 May 2014 in Dunedin and attended by:

Vice President: John Fisher (WK1)
Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Bodger (WH2)

Northern Region: Liesl Ploos van Amstel (NS1)
Capital Region: Ron Parkin (LV4), Lyall Mortimer (HU4)
Southern Region:  Warren Gilbertson (GG5)

Swimming Officer/Trophies Officer: Lesley Parkin (LV4)
Masterscrawl Editor: Liesl Ploos Van Amstel (NS1)
Open Water Swimming: Mike Bodger (WH2)

Key items and decisions of interest to members from the meeting:
  • Former President Paul McStay has resigned due to poor health
  • John Fisher (WK1) was elected President and Warren Gilbertson (GG5) was elected Vice President, Mike Bodger (WH2) will continue as Treasurer/Secretary
  • No increase in membership fee for 2015
  • Swimmer of the Year went to Richard Lockhart (RK1).  Kurt Crosland (DN5) was awarded Nearest to a Word Record and Certificate of Achievement
  • Service Award recipients were:  Eugene Manko (RK1) and Helen Fletcher (RK1)
  • NZMS CHAMPIONSHIPS: HOSTING 2014-2015: South Island Short Course 2014 by Foveaux Masters, Invercargill; North Island Short Course 2014 – no host club yet;  National Long Course Championships 2015 by South City Masters and North Island Short Course 2015 by Levin Masters
  • The year 2013 ended in a surplus
  • There were 711 financial members across 54 clubs
  • The History of NZ Masters is now ready for printing.  The book will cost $25 + postage


The current officer’s positions were endorsed.

National Secretary/Treasurer – Mike Bodger
Webmaster - Andrew Gabites
Swimming Officer – Lesley Parkin
National Recorder – Jan O’Donnell
Computer/IT Officer – Liz Davidson
Masterscrawl Editor – Liesl Ploos Van Amstel
Openwater Swimming Officer – Mike Bodger

The full NZMS AGM 2014 Minutes can be download here (.pdf - 375KB, 6pg)


Acting Presidents Report 2014 AGM - John Fisher

2013 proved to be a very difficult year in particular to elected President Paul McStay who, regretfully due to poor health, had to stand down.   John has found the transition from Vice President to Acting President difficult with not having prior knowledge of the procedures involved.  However, the executive was grateful to Sue Pollard, our past President, for stepping-in into an advisory role while John came to term with his new role.

Read the full Presidents Report here (.pdf - 197KB, 2pg)

Secretary and Financial Report - Mike Bodger

The financial review for 2013 was completed by EBA Ltd Rotorua and circulated to the executive, officers and delegates prior to the AGM. Accounting fees totaled $1,400. The net surplus stood at $6439.   The balance stood at $48,173, up from $41,733 in 2012.  The cheque account balance was $10,329.46 at January 1st 2013 and $10,283.03 at January 1st 2014.  The Fast Saver account balance was $37,150.25 at January 1st 2013 and $638.44 at January 1st 2014. On 7th May 2013, $37,000 of the Fast Saver account was transferred to a Savings Plus account and totalled &37,978.09 on 31st December 2013. 

Read the full Secretary/Treasurer report here - (.pdf - 307KB, 2pg)
Read the full Financial Statements here - (.pdf - 108KB, 10pg)

Officer Reports: to read the full reports please click on the links below

  1. Computer Officers report - Liz Davidson (.pdf - 358KB, 2pg)
  2. Webmasters Report - Andrew Gabites (.pdf - 200KB, 2pg)
    "Andrew was unable to attend the AGM to discuss the points raised in his report. The consensus of the AGM was that good progress has been made. The Web site, Facebook, the Masterscrawl blog and the monthly newsletter all support and complement each other towards the aim of increasing our audience.  The statistics on the Editors report indicate that this multi-channel approach has been successful in extending the reach of NZMS.  This executive will be reviewing the strategy each year, we always welcome feedback on how communication can be improved." NZMS President John Fisher
  3. Masterscrawl Editor's Report - Liesl Ploos van Amstel (.pdf - 412KB, 6pg)
  4. Swimming Officer's Report - Lesley Parkin (.pdf - 118KB, 1pg)
  5. Open Water Swimming Report - Mike Bodger (.pdf - 65KB, 1pg)
    It is important to note here that swimmers need to be aware that the NZMS Open Water event is sanctioned and run under FINA rules which exclude the use of wetsuits.
  6. National Recorders Report - Jan O'Donnell (.pdf - 126KB, 1pg) 
  7. Trophies Officer Report - Lesley Parkin (.pdf - 131KB, 1pg)

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