Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Most Common Swimming Mistake - Swimming Flat

We have now covered 5 of The Most Common Swimming Mistakes:

The Weak Leg Kick
Doing Only Fitness Training and No Technique Work
Poor Breathing Technique
Incorrect Head Position
Short Stroke

Today the focus is on another common mistake many swimmers make, Swimming Flat. This is a result of poor body
rotation. For a good swimming technique, the shoulders, torso and hips should all roll together as one which means you kick slightly on the side as you rotate.

Tips to Improve Your Body Rotation:

  • Breathe Bilaterally:  Most unilateral breathers have poor rotation to the non-breathing side
  • Slow Down:  If you feel you are wrestling with the water when you swim slow you stroke down to give yourself time to learn to rotate correctly.  Once you have learnt to lengthen your stroke, you can speed things up again.
  • Don't Over Rotate:  Your rotation should be between 45°and 65°.  If you over rotate you can cause a dead spot in your stroke.
  • Practice the 6-Kick Switch Drill. This clip from Go Swim is an excellent explanation of the drill.

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