Monday, 17 February 2014

Most Common Swimming Mistakes - Short Stroke

We have now covered 4 of The Most Common Swimming Mistakes:

The Weak Leg Kick
Doing Only Fitness Training and No Technique Work
Poor Breathing Technique
Incorrect Head Position

Today the focus is on another common mistake many swimmers make, ie. Short Stroke. With a short stroke the hand entry is usually correct, but the stroke is completed too soon and the hand exits before the extension is complete.

Tips to improve a Short Stroke (early exit):

1. Slow things down a little and work on your propulsion and lowering your drag. This will give you a longer stroke technique, which in the long run you can look to speed up again.

2. Count your strokes per length - if the count increases, this is usually due to shortening of the stroke

3. Include the DPS drill into your technique work - REMEMBER to use DPS as a DRILL, and NOT as part of your stroke. The idea of the drill is to focus on your reach, rotation, and getting "long" in your stroke. It is not a good idea to emphasize the "glide", which is a dead spot in the stroke.

4. Include the “Salute drill” into your technique work: While swimming, exaggerate the end of the stroke by “saluting” as the hand exits. You will feel the power as the hand exits and will throw water as the arm recovers forward.

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