Monday, 13 January 2014

Tips on Lane Etiquette

It is at this time of the year that pools are the busiest, mainly because many people are trying to stick to their resolutions.  As a result, you may find that your lane has many more people in it than usual, this can be quite frustrating, especially, if those in your lane don't know the proper lane etiquette.

To make sure you don't become one of those frustrating lane swimmers, follow these basic tips:

1.  Watch the pool - when you get to the pool take a few minutes to watch the pool to see what is going on and read any lap or swim rules.

2.  Choose the right lane - most pools have preassigned lanes i.e. fast, medium, slow.  Decide where you fit in, because you don't want to slow down your lane or be slowed down. 

3.  Check the number of swimmers in a lane - generally, five is safe, unless you are all doing the same workout eg a masters class.  If there are more than five per lane, wait until someone gets out.  However, if there is a lane with one swimmer and a lane that is empty, please swim in the empty lane and be ready to share if needed. Don't force the other swimmer who got there before you to share if it is not necessary.

4.  Before getting in - let the others in your lane know you are there, either by dangling your feet in the water or waiting until they have finished their set.  This will alert them to begin circling.  

5.  Move over - when you are done with your interval, move over as quickly as possible so that the swimmer behind you can turn with ease.

6.  Taking over - don't just speed past, first lightly tap the swimmer in front of you on the feet then make sure there is no one coming from the other direction.

7.  Being overtaken - if you feel someone close to you or tapping you on the feet, be kind and move as close to the lane rope as possible or pull over altogether at the end of the pool. Please don't speed up!

8.  Don't water run or aqua jog in lap lanes.

9.  Respect the toys of other swimmers and bring your own.

10.  Common sense - this is probably the most important tip of them all.  If you don't want others doing it then you shouldn't be doing it!

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