Monday, 6 January 2014

Most Common Swimming Mistakes - Incorrect Head Position

We have now covered three of The Most Common Swimming MistakesThe Weak Leg Kick,  Doing Only Fitness Training and No Technique Work and Poor Breathing Technique. Today the focus is on another common mistake many swimmers make, ie. Incorrect Head Position. Lifting your head while swimming causes your hips to sink and may also lead to neck injuries.

Below are a few tips to help improve your head position:

1.  If you are looking forward while you are swimming, then you are swimming with your head up - DON'T look forward, use the black line as your marker to keep your head down and low.

2.  Keep your neck relaxed - this will ensure proper head and spine alignment and will keep your body horizontal.

3.  Garrett McCaffrey - "Imagine you are a whale, there is a blowhole on your neck, and you need that hole accessible at all times so you can breathe or you will die. If your neck is angled you closed the hole and you can’t breathe. You need to position your head so your neck is at the right angle.”

4.  Practice Drills:  The six kick switch drill is a great drill to help improve your head position.  With this drill you kick six times to your right and six times to your left while keeping your head down. Below is a great clip from Go Swim:

5.  Using the center-mount swimmer's snorkel is another great way to improve your head position.
Below is helpful clip from Go Swim about the snorkel

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