Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Winner of the ACM Bays Swim Entry Pass

The winner of the ACM Bays Swim Entry Pass is:

Claire Hobson

Congratulations and good luck!!

For more info and to enter The Bays Swim on the 2nd Feb please visit the ACM website:

2014 NZMS National Long Course and AGM

NZMS are pleased to announce that the 2014 National Long Course Championships will be held on the 2nd and 3rd May, hosted by Dunedin Masters. 800m and 1500m events will run on the evening of Friday the 2nd May, with remaining events being held on the Saturday.

The NZMS AGM will also be held during the day on 2nd May.

Further details for both events will be available soon on the NZMS website: 

Auckland Central Masters 10km Marathon Swim - 19 April

In response to many requests for a longer sea swim ACM are proposing to hold a 10km event.

At this stage it is subject to Council approval and entry numbers.

The proposal is set out below. ACM are keen to get your expressions of interest and feedback.

Numbers are limited to 60 and those registering their interest will get priority when entries open (planned for early March)

To register your interest contact Wayne Annan –

When and where

Date: Saturday 19th April 2014
Assemble: 07:15am, Glendowie Boat Club, 37 Glendowie Rd, Glendowie
Start time: 08:15am
Tide: 10:14am
Nominal cutoff time: 4.5 hrs
Finish and Prize giving: St Heliers Beach
The course

From Glendowie Boat Club to a turning buoy off Tamaki Yacht Club and back to St Heliers Beach. Total distance is approximately 10km.

For more info please visit the ACM website:

Swim Set of the Week - Heaps of 200s


2x400 SKIP (100 each of Swim, Kick, IM, Pull)
400 drill as 8 x 50 (drill down, swim back)
Main set 10 x 200 build
Warm down: 200 of choice

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Event Update - Great Start to 2014

Red Beach Open Water Swim 19 January 2014

Roskill Masters celebrated their 25th year of holding the Red Beach Open Water Swim on 19 January 2014 and what a great celebration it was with a record number of swimmers entering the swim. Roskill Masters thanks all swimmers who entered and those that gave their time to help out.

Kohi Summer Swim Series

Last Thursday saw race 8 of the Kohi Summer Swim Series, they too saw a record number of entries. The latest Points Update can be viewed here.  And given that they are now halfway through the season's racing, it is looking more and more likely that a new club is heading to take out overall honours this year - South City Masters being solidly in front. Manukau Masters are currently in second position.

If you have news to share please email us on

Swim Set of the Week - Short but Tough

Tip: You need to set an interval and stick to it! 

Warm up 400 choice 
Drill set: 200 as 25 free/ 25 fist
10 x 100 on a pace that only gives you 5-10 seconds rest. An easy way to do this is to take your 500 pace then add 5 seconds.
Easy 100 choice
10 x 50 on a pace that is very challenging and only gives you 2-5 seconds rest so take your 200 or 100 time and add 3 seconds.
Warm Down 400 easy

Upcoming Events

KOHI SUMMER SWIM SERIESJanuary 23,30  for more info click on the link:

STATE OCEAN CAPITAL CLASSIC - 26 January for more info click on the link

BEAN ROCK SWIM – 1st February 2014. More info here:

Auckland Central Masters THE BAYS SWIM - 2nd February 2014.  Make sure you go into the draw to win an entry pass to this epic swim.  Enter the lucky draw HERE   For more info on The Bays Swim please visit the ACM Harbour Swims Website:


Monday, 13 January 2014

Tips on Lane Etiquette

It is at this time of the year that pools are the busiest, mainly because many people are trying to stick to their resolutions.  As a result, you may find that your lane has many more people in it than usual, this can be quite frustrating, especially, if those in your lane don't know the proper lane etiquette.

To make sure you don't become one of those frustrating lane swimmers, follow these basic tips:

1.  Watch the pool - when you get to the pool take a few minutes to watch the pool to see what is going on and read any lap or swim rules.

2.  Choose the right lane - most pools have preassigned lanes i.e. fast, medium, slow.  Decide where you fit in, because you don't want to slow down your lane or be slowed down. 

3.  Check the number of swimmers in a lane - generally, five is safe, unless you are all doing the same workout eg a masters class.  If there are more than five per lane, wait until someone gets out.  However, if there is a lane with one swimmer and a lane that is empty, please swim in the empty lane and be ready to share if needed. Don't force the other swimmer who got there before you to share if it is not necessary.

4.  Before getting in - let the others in your lane know you are there, either by dangling your feet in the water or waiting until they have finished their set.  This will alert them to begin circling.  

5.  Move over - when you are done with your interval, move over as quickly as possible so that the swimmer behind you can turn with ease.

6.  Taking over - don't just speed past, first lightly tap the swimmer in front of you on the feet then make sure there is no one coming from the other direction.

7.  Being overtaken - if you feel someone close to you or tapping you on the feet, be kind and move as close to the lane rope as possible or pull over altogether at the end of the pool. Please don't speed up!

8.  Don't water run or aqua jog in lap lanes.

9.  Respect the toys of other swimmers and bring your own.

10.  Common sense - this is probably the most important tip of them all.  If you don't want others doing it then you shouldn't be doing it!

Win an Entry Pass to the Auckland Central Masters Bays Swim on 2 Feb

Auckland Central Masters are generously giving away an entry pass for the Bays Swim on 2 Feb to one lucky NZMS masters swimmer.

To go into the draw to win this entry pass, please follow this link and complete the form: Enter HERE.

Entries close 23rd January.  The winner will be announced on the NZMS facebook page on 25 January.

For More info and to enter the Bays Swim please visit the Auckland Central Masters website:

A big shout out to Auckland Central Masters!!!!

More about The Bays Swim:

When and where
Date: Sunday 2nd February 2014
Assemble: 8:00am St Heliers Beach boat ramp
Start time: 9:00am
Tide: 10:07am
Nominal cutoff time: 2.00 hrs
Prize giving: Tamaki Yacht Club Car Park, 30 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay

The course
St Heliers Bay to Tamaki Yacht Club. Total distance 3.6km

The Logistics
A truck will be provided to transport swimmers bags from the start to the finish

Entry criteria
For the Bays Swim you must have already swum the Chelsea Swim or an equivalent distance (2.4km) in open water.
If you are aged 16 years or younger we might want to contact you to have your parent or guardian confirm your ability to complete the swim
ACM has the right to decline any applicant if there are significant doubts about the entrant’s ability to complete the course

Entry fee and conditions
The entry fee is $40
By entering the event entrants acknowledge the terms and conditions of entry.
Enter the 3.6km Bays Swim online using your credit card through our secure server. You will receive confirmation of your entry by return email.
If you wish to withdraw before the event your registration fee will be refunded only if written notice of your withdrawal is received by the organiser at least one day before the event.
If the race is cancelled because of bad weather please note that your registration fee will not be refunded.
Online entries close midnight on the Thursday before the race.
The cost of a late entry on the day is $55.

First male - non wetsuit – voucher and Eagle Technology Cup
First female - non wetsuit - voucher and Eagle Technology Cup
First male – wetsuit - voucher
First female – wetsuit - voucher

There will also be a substantial spot prize draw for all entrants.

NZMS Membership 2014 Reminder

A friendly reminder about membership fees for NZMS, which are due on 31st December each year. For 2014 the NZMS membership fee is $60 and is payable through local club secretaries.

Membership fees paid after 1 October cover membership until the 31st December the following year.

Access to the members only areas of the website are reset to allow access for financial members only as at/on 31st January each year. Payment of the NZMS subscription will re-enable access to the members only area of the NZMS website.

Winners of our December GiveAways - (NZMS Survey and The Bean Rock Swim)

NZMS Survey Competition

Thank you to all those who completed the NZMS Survey.

The winner of the NZMS Survey Competition is:

Debbie Waldin Congratulations you have won the $50 Swim T3 Voucher!

Bean Rock Swim Entry Pass Winner:

The winner of the Bean Rock Swim Entry Pass is:

Glenn Pearce Congratulations!!!

For more info on the Bean Rock Swim and to enter, please visit their website

Monday, 6 January 2014

Most Common Swimming Mistakes - Incorrect Head Position

We have now covered three of The Most Common Swimming MistakesThe Weak Leg Kick,  Doing Only Fitness Training and No Technique Work and Poor Breathing Technique. Today the focus is on another common mistake many swimmers make, ie. Incorrect Head Position. Lifting your head while swimming causes your hips to sink and may also lead to neck injuries.

Below are a few tips to help improve your head position:

1.  If you are looking forward while you are swimming, then you are swimming with your head up - DON'T look forward, use the black line as your marker to keep your head down and low.

2.  Keep your neck relaxed - this will ensure proper head and spine alignment and will keep your body horizontal.

3.  Garrett McCaffrey - "Imagine you are a whale, there is a blowhole on your neck, and you need that hole accessible at all times so you can breathe or you will die. If your neck is angled you closed the hole and you can’t breathe. You need to position your head so your neck is at the right angle.”

4.  Practice Drills:  The six kick switch drill is a great drill to help improve your head position.  With this drill you kick six times to your right and six times to your left while keeping your head down. Below is a great clip from Go Swim:

5.  Using the center-mount swimmer's snorkel is another great way to improve your head position.
Below is helpful clip from Go Swim about the snorkel

Give Aways - Win Win Win!

Currently we have two awesome competitions running:

Complete the NZMS Survey and be in to win a Swim T3 $50 voucher.  All you need to do is click on the link and complete the survey:  NZMS Survey Link
Entries close 11 January 2014! NOTE!! All information will remain anonymous!

Win a Bean Rock Swim Entry Pass. To go into the draw to win an entry pass follow the link: Enter Here  
Entries close 12 January 2014.
For more info on this iconic swim on 1st Feb please visit their website: