Monday, 25 November 2013

NZMS Swimmer Prepares to Swim 40.2km across Lake Taupo - Go Katrina!

Our very own Katrina Price, 40 years old, from the Manukau Masters Swim Club is preparing for an epic swim of 40.2km across Lake Taupo (non-wetsuit). Her journey starts at Waihi Bay, Taurangi and will end at the Taupo Yacht Club.  She has a window of 4 days, between 14 Feb and 17th Feb, to attempt this swim, and is hoping that 14th Feb will be the day.

Katrina works full time as a massage therapist at Glory Beauty Clinic Thames and still manages to swim a big swim of 8 - 10km per day six times a week and on a Sunday she does a whopping 20km and a 5km swim, she logs a massive weekly mileage of up to 65km.   What does Katrina eat?  She says she follows a simple diet and avoids just about all processed food, but admitted to a small addiction to m&ms.  Her fuel during the race will consist of hammer perpetuem drink, farex baby food in a squeeze tube and -yes- m&ms too.

A big shout out to Katrina's support crew:  Phillip Rush, who will be beside her the whole way; her Dad Kevin Price and her partner Garth Ingle, they'll be joining Katrina for the last 2kms of her swim; her closest friends Shane and Carmen Goodwin who are always close by and last but not least her mum Heather Price, her sister Narelle Moxsom, her nephews and niece, Jamie, Benji and Brelle, who will all be waiting for Katrina at the finish-line.

I asked Katrina what had made her decide to do this and this is what she said: "I was sitting at a prize giving for the Ocean Swim Series in 2008 and Anna Marshall had just swam the length of Lake Taupo. Then Pam Dickson swam it a couple of years later. These two ladies inspired me to do it. So in May this year I set my challenge. My partner Garth and I flew to Wellington to confirm details with Phillip Rush on how I was going to do this. Garth's support and 100% belief in me sealed the deal."

Katrina's accomplishments deserve a mention here too!
-State Ocean Swim Series age group overall winner 2007 & 2012
-Ultra Marathon finisher 50km, 65km, 70km 85km 100km
-NZ Ironman finisher 2012 & 2013
-Kohi Swim Series overall age group winner 2011, 2013
-Kohi Swim Series 3rd overall Female 2012
-Manukau Masters Female Open water swimmer for the season

Here is Katrina in her own words:  If you told me when I was 19 I'd be swimming Lake Taupo.  I would have laughed. Probably because I couldn't really swim. My swimming history in the early years is pretty basic -  it's zero. I used to swim at the local river hole having the time of my life. It was only after I hurt my back while riding the racehorses that I thought swimming might help. So off I went with my snorkel and dive mask to do some swimming. I floundered around for a few years before my longtime friend Paul Dufty took me under his wing and taught me how to swim. And from those days I've never looked back. I entered my 1st Open water swim in 2006 and was hooked. This is the life for me. Now I've combined my passion for endurance and swimming together to take on my biggest challenge yet. Lake Taupo 40.2km. Bring it on!

Katrina, you are a machine!  All the best with your swim and remember we are all rooting for you!

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