Wednesday, 2 April 2014

9 Open Water Race Day Tips

As we are quickly approaching the NZMS Open Water Champs on 12 April, I thought it would be a good idea to re-post this.   You've done all you can in preparation for the swim so here are a few Race Day tips!

9 Race Day Tips

1. If your event is early, make sure you have packed your bag the night before and are good to go in the morning.  This helps to avoid any unnecessary stress of having to look for towels, togs, caps and goggles.

2. The size of your breakfast will depend on what time your race is. If you have 2 – 3 hours prior to a race you could eat a big breakfast otherwise keep it light.

3. If your race is early in the morning, it helps to have a quick warm not hot shower, to wake up your muscles. But make sure you don’t shower more than 3 minutes otherwise, you’ll feel lazy and drained.

4. Arriving at the event venue at least 45 minutes prior to your race will ease a lot of pressure. This will give you enough time to register and ensure you get in a proper warm-up irrespective of whether or not you decide to warm-up on dry land or in the water.

5. Check the temp of the water to see whether or not you can tolerate it! Because other swimmers are in the water does not mean you will be able to tolerate it. Every swimmer has a different body make-up! If you are comfortable, then it is definitely a good idea to get in and do a warm-up. If it is an early morning race it may take a bit longer to get all the kinks out, so make sure you feel loose, alert and ready after your warm-up.

6. If the event allows wetsuits and you are planning to wear one, make sure you warm-up in it, to get a feel for swimming with it. (not applicable to those participating in the NZMS Open Water Champs)

7. If you do decide to warm-up in the water, make sure you keep warm so that your muscles don’t become tight again, cancelling out your warm-up.

8. If the water is too cold for you, then you are probably better off doing a dry land warm-up instead, with a few basic stretches and pulse–quickening movements such as arms swings and possibly a light 1 minute jog.

9. Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun!

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