Monday, 25 November 2013

NZMS Swimmer Prepares to Swim 40.2km across Lake Taupo - Go Katrina!

Our very own Katrina Price, 40 years old, from the Manukau Masters Swim Club is preparing for an epic swim of 40.2km across Lake Taupo (non-wetsuit). Her journey starts at Waihi Bay, Taurangi and will end at the Taupo Yacht Club.  She has a window of 4 days, between 14 Feb and 17th Feb, to attempt this swim, and is hoping that 14th Feb will be the day.

Katrina works full time as a massage therapist at Glory Beauty Clinic Thames and still manages to swim a big swim of 8 - 10km per day six times a week and on a Sunday she does a whopping 20km and a 5km swim, she logs a massive weekly mileage of up to 65km.   What does Katrina eat?  She says she follows a simple diet and avoids just about all processed food, but admitted to a small addiction to m&ms.  Her fuel during the race will consist of hammer perpetuem drink, farex baby food in a squeeze tube and -yes- m&ms too.

A big shout out to Katrina's support crew:  Phillip Rush, who will be beside her the whole way; her Dad Kevin Price and her partner Garth Ingle, they'll be joining Katrina for the last 2kms of her swim; her closest friends Shane and Carmen Goodwin who are always close by and last but not least her mum Heather Price, her sister Narelle Moxsom, her nephews and niece, Jamie, Benji and Brelle, who will all be waiting for Katrina at the finish-line.

I asked Katrina what had made her decide to do this and this is what she said: "I was sitting at a prize giving for the Ocean Swim Series in 2008 and Anna Marshall had just swam the length of Lake Taupo. Then Pam Dickson swam it a couple of years later. These two ladies inspired me to do it. So in May this year I set my challenge. My partner Garth and I flew to Wellington to confirm details with Phillip Rush on how I was going to do this. Garth's support and 100% belief in me sealed the deal."

Katrina's accomplishments deserve a mention here too!
-State Ocean Swim Series age group overall winner 2007 & 2012
-Ultra Marathon finisher 50km, 65km, 70km 85km 100km
-NZ Ironman finisher 2012 & 2013
-Kohi Swim Series overall age group winner 2011, 2013
-Kohi Swim Series 3rd overall Female 2012
-Manukau Masters Female Open water swimmer for the season

Here is Katrina in her own words:  If you told me when I was 19 I'd be swimming Lake Taupo.  I would have laughed. Probably because I couldn't really swim. My swimming history in the early years is pretty basic -  it's zero. I used to swim at the local river hole having the time of my life. It was only after I hurt my back while riding the racehorses that I thought swimming might help. So off I went with my snorkel and dive mask to do some swimming. I floundered around for a few years before my longtime friend Paul Dufty took me under his wing and taught me how to swim. And from those days I've never looked back. I entered my 1st Open water swim in 2006 and was hooked. This is the life for me. Now I've combined my passion for endurance and swimming together to take on my biggest challenge yet. Lake Taupo 40.2km. Bring it on!

Katrina, you are a machine!  All the best with your swim and remember we are all rooting for you!


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Swim Set of the Week - Focus on Butterfly

Swimming butterfly strengthens your core and focus's on catch and pull which means it could be very beneficial for swimming freestyle overall!  And it burns more calories...

Here is a good not too hard butterfly workout consisting of swims, drills, pulls and kicks.



8x125 rest 20s
8x75 rest 20s
(no board) front,back,sides
(board) double kick*

4x50 (rest =swim)

8x25 on :45

2x50 (rest =swim)

4x25 on :60


Swim Breaststroke,
count strokes

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Most Common Swimming Mistakes - Poor Breathing Technique

So far we have covered two of The Most Common Swimming Mistakes, we have spoken about The Weak Leg Kick and Doing Only Fitness Training and No Technique Work. Today the focus is on another common mistake many swimmers make, ie. Poor Breathing Technique. Poor Breathing Technique could be a result of : you breathing too early or too late; you breathing to one side only; lifting your head to breathe.

Tips to improve your breathing technique:

Exhalation - Don't hold your breath while swimming!   Learn to constantly exhale while you swim.  You should always be exhaling except when you inhale. Why?  Exhaling will relax you while you are swimming and  it will balance you, making freestyle much easier.  It is logical, think about when you are stressed and what you are taught to do, you are taught to take a deep breathe, but it is not the inhale that relaxes you it is the breathing out! The same applies in the water.  Drill:  practise the sinking drill - At the deep end of the pool tread water take a breath and submerge yourself, exhale slowly and constantly as you sink.  Don't exhale to quickly, this will increase your need to gasp for air. You could exhale through your nose or mouth or both, whichever you are more comfortable with.  If you are not exhaling you won't sink!

Don't lift your head - Rotate your head slightly and breathe into the air pocket created by your bow-wave.  If you lift your head your hips and legs will sink!  Practise keeping one goggle in the water and one out when inhaling.  Drill- the superman drill is good for this:  Using fins extend one arm out to the front of you and keep the other by your side, kicking gently on the side of your leading arm, look down and when you are ready to breath simply rotate your head to the side of the relaxed arm, your mouth should naturally find the air pocket.  Remember to keep exhaling smoothly while your head is down.

Breathe Bilaterally -  I am a firm believer in bilateral breathing.  Bilateral breathing evens out your stroke and makes you swim straighter.  In open water swimming it helps you to adapt more easily to the upredictable conditions of open water swimming.  Drill - the balance drill is a good drill for bilateral breathing.

Don't panic - Don't panic when you take a gulp of water, shape your toungue as if you are pronouncing the letter K.  This will prevent the water from going down your throat.

This is a brilliant clip from SwimTherapy

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25th Open Water Swim organised by Red Beach Surf Life Saving Club & Roskill Master Swimmers.

Date: Sunday 19th January, 2014 (this is the new date)

Time: 1.30 pm. Registrations from 12.00 noon. Briefing at 1.00 pm.

Where: Red Beach Surf Club, on the beachfront.

Distances: 1.5km and 3km, over a 1.5km circuit starting in front of the surf club.

Entry Fee: $15.00 Entries close Sunday 12th January 2014.

Late Entry: $20.00 Late entries accepted on the day, 12.00 noon - 1.00 pm

Age Limit: Swimmers to be 14 years and over.

Enquiries To:

Eugene Manko
T: 09 620 5529

Entry Forms available online shortly or email

They are also available at the Red Beach SLSC clubrooms, Ngapara Street, Red Beach.

Swim Set of the Week - Post-Race Recovery Swim


Warm up two times through
100 Swim no rest
100 Kick no rest
100 IM Stroke Drill 1 min rest

8 x 25 15 sec rest
1) Breath to Right
2) Breath to Left
3) Breath every third stroke
4) Breath every forth stroke
5) Breath every fifth stroke
6) twice to right twice to left
7) breath every stroke
8) relax and try to make it without breathing

6 x 100 with 50 kick to rest between straight through

400 choice

6 x 50 Odd Swim Even Kick 15 sec rest.

200 Warm Down

Monday, 11 November 2013

A Woman's Guide to Open Water Racing: Top 10 List of Do's and Dont's - Dawn Heckman

The extract below was taken from an article 10 Open Water Tips--From a Woman's Point of View written by Alex Kostich on This is for all the ladies out there participating in open water events this season.

A Woman's Guide to Open Water Racing: Top 10 List of Do's and Dont's - Dawn Heckman

10. Grow your nails. In an open water race, it is not uncommon for people (men especially) to swim over you in order to get by. When you find yourself being plowed over by some huge guy, let them know they're swimming in your territory by giving them a little scratch! When they realize they can't just push you aside, they'll usually back off and chart their own course.

9. Pace yourself. Often men dash out of the start, using testosterone to their advantage by swimming as fast as they can. Then, somewhere near the middle of the race, they get tired and start to slow down. This is the perfect opportunity to reel them in and pass them one by one. The race hurts a lot less, and to be honest, it's quite fun passing men near the end of a race! Their egos are a little crushed, and passing them gives you that extra mental boost to finish the race strong.

8. Relax your stroke. The ocean is more powerful than you are. It's not worth wasting energy fighting it. Try to develop a rhythm with the current conditions. Don't worry about technique. Technique is something you practice in the pool. Your work in the pool will pay off in the ocean.

7. Avoid unwanted hickies. Use Vaseline around chafing areas. There is nothing worse than having your swimsuit straps rub against your neck in salt water for a long period of time. If you don't wear Vaseline, you'll end up wearing a turtleneck for two weeks, or you'll have to constantly explain to everyone (including your boyfriend) that Dracula wasn't sucking on your neck!

6. Don't shave right before the race. Razor burn and salt water need I say more?

5. No itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie yellow polka-dot bikinis!!!

4. Race sans jewelry. Although necklaces, anklets, and bracelets are fashionable, they are also very enticing for someone to grab on to. (And if sharks and other forms of carnivorous wildlife are a concern for you, eliminating all shiny things, earrings included, is highly recommended.)

3. Wear your goggles under your cap. If you start the race with goggles, most likely you want to finish the race with goggles (especially if you wear contacts). The start of an open water race is very crowded and hectic. It is not uncommon for someone to knock your goggles off (intentionally or unintentionally). If you put your goggles on before you put your cap on, they will stay put and not fall off.

2. Carpe diem! Seize the moment. Enjoy your surroundings. Embrace nature. Swimming in the open water is very refreshing. Most people are afraid of it. You're doing something most people would never even consider doing, so live for the moment!

1. Draft, draft, draft. Generally speaking, men create larger waves than women. Use this to your advantage. Swim directly behind someone who is slightly faster than you, and let them do the work. When you're close to the finish, pull to the side and use the energy you've saved to sprint the rest of the way.


Kohirama Summer Swim Series Nov 14,21,28: More info here:

State Ocean Swim Series Harbour Crossing 17 November: More info here:

Ocean Clinics Block 2:  23 Nov, 30 Nov: More info here:

Central Masters Harbour Series swims 2013 - Chelsea Swim Herne Bay, 24 November

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Winner of the Ocean Clinics Block 2 Entry Pass Competition

Congratulations to the winner of the Ocean Clinics Block 2 Entry Pass Competition!

Julie Gunthorp

For more information on the Ocean Clinics make sure you visit their website:

Monday, 4 November 2013

WINNER of the Swim T3 $50 Voucher - Snapshot Competition!

Congratulations to The Winner of the $50 Swim T3 voucher - Snapshot Competition!

Wayne Annan

The winning photo is from a relay attempt (8km) on the Cook Strait 5 May 2010. Sadly the team did not manage to get through the current running that day. But what a great photo! 

I think the photo below also deserves a mention as the relay team included Pauline Mills (in the white cap) and Catrione Lewis.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Two of The World's Oldest Swimming Clubs!

According to the Maidstone Swimming Club website, the Maidstone Swimming Club, Kent, England is the oldest surviving swimming club in the world.  It was founded in 1844 when there was concern over drownings in the River Medway. Rescuers would often die in the water because they could usually not swim to safety themselves. The club used to swim in the river and would hold races, diving competitions and water polo matches in the Medway. The South East Gazette July 1844 reported an aquatic breakfast party. Coffee and biscuits were served on a floating raft in the river, the coffee was kept hot over a fire and club members had to tread water and drink coffee at the same time. The last swimmers managed to overturn the raft to the amusement of the 150 spectators. For more info you can visit their website.

However, I was emailed this picture of the members from Brighton Swimming Club.  The photo was taken by Benjamin William Botham in 1863.  I was intrigued and decided to do some research on the Brighton Swimming Club. According to an article in Swimming Times, January 2002 issue (below), The Brighton Swimming Club is possibly the oldest swimming club because it can prove it's pedigree and also, it is debatable as to whether or not Maidstone Swimming Club was in continual existence since it was formed in 1844.

According to the Brighton Swimming Club website, the club was established following a meeting of swimming enthusiasts at The Jolly Fisherman in Brighton's Market Street, on 4th May 1860. The founder members included George Brown, John Henry Camp (he was a one legged swimmer after having his leg amputated a few years before), Charles Hindley, J. Nyren, W. Patching, R. Ward, and George Worsley. According to the article, a small band of keen swimmers met regularly to bathe from the beach near the Lion Mansions Hotel on Grand Junction Parade during the late 1850s, but did not formalise their group into a club until May 1860. Men who wanted to join the Brighton Swimming Club paid an entrance fee of one shilling and a weekly subscription of two pence (2d) a week.   Visit their website to read the full article  

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Healthy Recipes - Banana Pancakes

This is a great easy breakfast or snack recipe loaded with energy and NO processed anything!  They are loaded with protein so they also make a great post-training snack.

- 1 ripe banana
- 2 whole eggs

That’s it. Just mix together in a bowl and make sure the banana is all mashed. Then spray your pan with some oil. On a low to medium heat, scoop some of the batter into the pan & give it about 20-30 sec, flip, and done! Serve and eat!

 *Some advice would be to make them small so its easier to flip

 Under 250 calories! No processed anything!