Monday, 30 September 2013

NZMS Swimmers head to Las Vegas, Nevada, to participate in Slam the Dam!

According to the Open Water Pedia, Slam the Dam comes in at #29/100 of the top open water swimming races in the United States and is quickly rising in the ranks as a must-do event.
That is exactly what Dawn Walker, Giles Walker and Dan Feisst are planning to do! These three NZMS swimmers are heading to Las Vegas Nevada this week to participate in the 2.4 mile event taking place on 5th October.  Dawn, Giles and Dan, all live in Auckland and swim for South City Masters Swimming Club.  

Swim smart, swim hard and good luck! We are rooting for you!

The 2.4 mile is a clockwise loop and will begin and end at Boulder Beach in Lake Mead National Recreational Area.
The event Schedule is as follows:
6:30 am: Check-in opens
7:45 am: Safety Meeting
8:00 am 2.4 mile race begins

For more info on Slam the Dam visit their website:

If you are participating in an exotic or exciting event, please message us and tell us about it.

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