Monday, 2 September 2013

Introducing MasterScrawl - but not as you know it!

Welcome to the new look MasterScrawl!

MasterScrawl has been published in a magazine format from the very beginnings of Masters swimming in NZ to June 2013.  It’s a huge part of our history.

In the beginning, MasterScrawl was posted to every member but that soon became way too expensive so is now posted online.

For many years the editor was Tom Logan, former President and Life Member of NZMS.  Tom and his wife Priscilla worked tirelessly and put in long hours to make sure each issue was published on time.

Ingrid Saxton took over for 10 years, and finally Sue Pollard acted as editor (at the same time as being President).  Masters Swimming is extremely grateful for all of the past editors' efforts.

However, it’s become clear that producing a quarterly publication is both hard work and expensive.
Contributions from members have dwindled and the numbers of members accessing MasterScrawl has fallen - fewer than 20% of the members actually read the December 2012 issue.

Clearly the magazine is no longer meeting the modern day expectations of our members.

In considering all of this, the 2013 AGM voted to discontinue MasterScrawl in its current format and the delegates directed the Executive to investigate new ways of communicating with the members and move MasterScrawl into the 21st Century.

In saying that, it was made clear that the MasterScrawl “brand” should be retained as it is a treasured part of masters swimming in NZ.

Welcome to the first step in the plan –
  • You’ll no longer have to wait for 3 months for each instalment to arrive – updates will be added as they happen.   To be notified of new articles, all you have to do is click the subscribe option.
  • We’ll be able to include many more photos and even video and sound.
  • We’ll make it as interactive as possible – you’ll be able to add your comments to each article.
  • And, when events warrant it, we will continue to publish a magazine style MasterScrawl, especially after major events such as the AGM.

So please send us your news and contributions to – its hard work generating all of the content ourselves.

Basically, if you send it, we’ll publish it!

If you want to be a regular contributor, let us know and we’ll organise that too.

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