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NZMS Swimmer of The Year - Jolie Fenwick

"Jolie swims for the Hamilton Masters club. During 2016 she broke NZ records a total of 12 times.

She broke 50m records in Freestyle, Butterfly and Breaststroke; 100m records in Breaststroke and IM; as well as the 200m Breaststroke. She broke the 50m Breaststroke by a 3 second margin and the 100m Breaststroke by 6 1/2 seconds.

The 50m fly record was last broken by commonwealth Gold Medallist Rebecca Perrot 20 years ago.

The 50m Freestyle record had stood for an incredible 25 years since it was set by commonwealth games gold medallist Jaynie Parkhouse in 1991.

Jolie is a well deserving recipient of our Masters Swimmer of the Year.
" SNZ Awards

Meet Jolie Fenwick

Jolie's swimming career started in the Wairarapa where she was the first swimmer from the Wairarapa to make the NZ Opens, get a gold medal and get NZ Records. Jolie later moved to the North Shore under Jan Cameron and Donna Boizaid where she qualified for a few NZ teams. Jolie says the thing she loves about Masters is that it is fun and social, keeps her fit, and you can make it as competitive as you want it to be. 

Jolie is married to Dan Fenwick and they have three gorgeous boys, Jayden 10, Harrison 7 and Riley 4. She currently works at their family company, Dan Fenwick Builders, doing admin and Health & Safety work. The family has a lively Lab called Chobe named after the Chobe National Park in Botswana and also has 3 chickens.

What does Jolie do when she is not in the water?  You can find her on the beach or waterskiing and in her down time she loves watching Netball, Rugby, The Blackcaps, eating chocolates and drinking wine.

Jolie's hero and inspiration is her mom! She says her mom only started swimming when Jolie was very young and she has been doing Masters for quite a few years now and does crazy events like the 200m Fly. She lives in Sanson so Jolie gets to catch up with her mom at most Masters meets and usually makes herself an honorary Fielding Club member. Sophie Pascoe also inspires Jolie and she thinks Sophie is amazing and the times she swims is unbelievable.

One of Jolie's most memorable swimming achievements was going to the Pan Pacific Games in Sydney in 1999 as she got to see some amazing swimmers like Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, Penny Heyns, Leisel Jones, Geoff Huegill, Susie O'Neill, Lenny Krayzelburg and Pieter van den Hoogenband. She made the semi final in her 200m breastroke. Unfortunately, the following year Jolie just-just missed out on qualifying for the 2000 Olympics.

Some of her future swimming goals are to always try and do PB's and break the NZ Masters Records, she would love to make it to a World Masters Swimming Champs or Pan Pacific Games but says at this stage of her life that that's not an option. One of her main goals was to become the NZ Master Swimmer of the year which she has now achieved and feels very honoured to have received it.

Some advice from Jolie herself: 

"Swimming: We all train and practice DPS - Distance Per Stroke, when it comes to a race we seem to throw that out the window, so don't throw it out the window! Also knowing 'HOW' to swim a race is key, the best way to know how is by doing lots of swim events & racing!!  Out of the Pool: Life is too short, make the most of it and just enjoy it and have fun!!!"

Well done Jolie on being selected as NZMS Swimmer of The Year 2016 and all the best for the future.

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Win a $100 SwimT3 Voucher - Tell Us Your Swimming Story

Tell us your swimming story and go into the draw to win a $100 SwimT3 voucher.

The winning story and photos will be published on Masterscrawl and our facebook page.

Submit entries to

Closing date 28 July 2017 and the winner will be announced on 1 August.

NB!!  All photos and images submitted with the articles need to be your own or have consent from the owner thereof to publish them and anyone pictured in the photo.  By submitting the photo/s you give consent for NZMS to publish them on our blog and facebook page.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

NZMS AGM Minutes 2017


President: John Fisher (WK1)
Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Bodger (WH2)
Northern Region: John Trubnick (SC1), Jan Fulton (RK1)
District Region: Eleanor Pinfold (HM2)
National Recorder: Jan O’Donnell (NS1)
Editor: Liesl Ploos Van Amstel (NS1)
IT Officer: Liz Davidson (NS1)
Open Water Swimming: Mike Bodger (WH2)

- APOLOGIES - Andrew Gabites (Webmaster), Lesley Parkin (Swimming Officer), Warren Gilbertson (Vice President)


- THE MINUTES of the 43th Annual General Meeting held on Friday 6th May 2016 were presented to the meeting and then accepted as a true and correct record.

- BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE 2016 MINUTES: Overall the regions (1-5) of NZ Masters Swimming are not working well and it is crucial that at least 3 regions are represented at the AGM and particularly at the election of President and Vice President every two years. This item will be discussed at the next executive meeting.

- MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2017 - No increase in fees

- ALLOWANCES AND HONORARIA - These will remain the same

- APPOINTMENTS - The current officer’s positions were endorsed.
National Secretary/Treasurer – Mike Bodger
Webmaster - Andrew Gabites
Swimming Officer – Lesley Parkin
National Recorder – vacant
Computer/IT Officer – Liz Davidson
Masterscrawl Editor – Liesl Ploos Van Amstel
Openwater Swimming Officer – Mike Bodger

Jan O’Donnell has resigned from the National Recorder’s position but will remain with NZ Masters Swimming until results and records set at the World Masters Games 2017 are ratified. We will examine the job description and advertise for the position and prepare an article on Jan for Masterscrawl.

- SWIMMER OF THE YEAR 2016 - Jolie Fenwick (HM2) who swims in the female 35-39 years age group.

- NZMS CHAMPIONSHIPS: HOSTING 2017 - As a financial incentive, the meeting voted to waive sanction fees for host clubs to NZMS for the next two years.

South Island Short Course 2017 – Ashburton
North Island Short Course 2017 – Waitakere

- OTHER BUSINESS - Liz Davidson proposed changes to the NZMS Information Manual – Section 9: Competition Rules, Regulations and Information. Clause 5 and 6. Relating to National Records.
Items such as eligibility, resident status, club affiliation to NZMS will be updated.

Minutes AGM April 2017
Financial Report - Mike Bodger
Computer Officers Report and Appendix- Liz Davidson
Webmaster's Report - Andrew Gabites
Editor's Report - Liesl Ploos van Amstel
Swimming Officer's Report - Lesley Parkin
Open Water Report - Mike Bodger
National Recorder Report - Jan O'Donnell
Trophy Officer's Report - Lesley Parkin

NZMS President's Report AGM 2017

By any measure, 2016 was a successful year for NZMS.

Membership increased significantly in 2016. In a time when many other sports bodies are experiencing a decline in membership, this is an achievement to be celebrated.

Attendance at our sanctioned meets also continues to increase.

The Ashburton club once again very generously offered to host the SISCC. This was very well organised, attendance was good and the standard of swimming high. We really need another South Island Club to step up and offer to host this event this year – it’s not ideal that the same club should carry the burden every year.

This year, responding to previous suggestions, and as an opportunity to host the Nationals ahead of WMG2017 at the same venue, we switched the normal dates of the NISSC and Nationals.  

This put enormous pressure on Taupo to organise the NISCC with limited notice.  They proved more than equal to the task and are to be commended for hosting a meet that really set the benchmark for all future events. Taupo proved to be a popular central location and drew a larger number of entries than in recent years. The officials were outstanding and the sessions ran like clockwork. The function was also a lot of fun.

North Shore held a National Long Course Championship that was exceptional.  The opportunity to compete at the Sir Owen Glenn pool ahead of the games proved to be a major draw card and attracted a large attendance. The venue was outstanding, with state of the art equipment and there were an unprecedented number of NZ records broken. Again, the standard of officiating was extremely high. The standard of officials in NZ is world class and we are lucky to have access to them. It was also good to have the assistance of SNZ and many of the competitors appreciated their presence poolside.
In the interests of continuous improvement, North Shore, NZMS and SNZ held a post-meet review that was very productive.

Whether we continue to hold the Nationals at this time of year is still to be decided.

Mt Roskill also held a sanctioned meet and attendance was their highest ever.

The organisation remains in a very strong financial position and we can look at using the surplus to fund an improved infrastructure and support the clubs involved in hosting meets and promoting swimming through coaching, social events, sanctioned and fun meets.

Our online reach has increased (both overall and within each channel). The Website, Facebook, MasterScrawl Blog, and email all continue to play their part in keeping our members informed and attracting new interest. This year will be focused on improving the online experience for our members and clubs, as well as streamlining the organisations processes in terms of registration, entering meets and collecting payment.

Much of the resurgence is attributable to the upcoming WMG2017 being held in Auckland. Although membership a Masters is not required to swim at this event, we have benefited indirectly. Swimmers are joining and returning to NZMS in order to train with like-minded people and to compete at sanctioned meets ahead of the games.  The challenge next year will be to retain these members, keep them engaged and to continue the momentum going forward.

At this point, no club has offered to host a Nationals Long Course in 2017.
We have a continued strong relationship with Swimming NZ and few of us attended the annual Swimming NZ awards to watch Jolie Fenwick receive our Masters Swimmer of the Year award. Jolie was an outstanding representative of NZMS. I continue to meet with SNZ on a regular basis and they are keen to work more closely with Masters in the future.

Once again I extend sincere and grateful thanks go to office bearers, Mike Bodger (National Secretary), Warren Gilbertson (Vice President), Andrew Gabites (Webmaster), Jan O’Donnell (National Recorder), Lesley Parkin (Swimming & Trophies Officer) and Liz Davidson (IT Officer). I’m fully aware of the amount of time you all invest in NZMS and I genuinely appreciate your support.

Special thanks this year is due to Jan O’Donnell. Jan has decided to resign from the role of National Recorder after long and exceptional service. Due to the number of records broken, Jan had a particularly busy year and will be difficult to replace.

We are also indebted to Roger Eagles who has continued with his representation of NZMS on the FINA Masters Committee and in Aquatics NZ, which he chairs.

NZMS is very lucky to have the continued support of these dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. That the organisation is in such good heart is testament to their hard work and tenacity.  I don’t think people realise just how much time these people commit - we desperately require more volunteers need to share the load.

Once again, it’s been an honour to have represented you as president.

John Fisher

President 2016-2017

NZMS Secretary's Report AGM 2017

MasterScrawl · Post Secretary's Report, 2017 AGM Posting as Liesl Ploos van Amstel Update Revert to draft Preview Close ComposeHTML Link
The financial review for 2016 was completed by EBA Ltd Rotorua and circulated to the executive, officers and delegates prior to the AGM. Accounting fees totalled $621. The net surplus stood at $11,261, up from $6,543 the previous year.

The balance stood at $70,605, up from $59,345 in 2015. The cheque account balance was $17,811.22 at January 1st 2016 and $27,276.44 at January 1st 2017. The Fast Saver account balance was $670.42 at January 1st 2016 and $676.40 at January 1st 2017. And the Savings Plus account balance was $41,144.84 at January 1st 2016 and on January 1st 2017 the balance was $42.365.24. So once again NZMS was in a positive financial position at the end of the year. Most payments are now done using ASB business internet banking. Clubs pay membership fees by cheque or by direct credit.

As usual, the financial review will be placed on the Charities website but it is not necessary for the review to be placed on the Incorporated Societies website. Of 200 copies of the History of NZ Masters Swimming purchased in 2014, 94 remain unsold. Only two copies were sold in 2016. John Trubnick proposed that NZMS look at depreciating the value of the publication in line with the publication date.

For 2016, NZMS had 43 “active” clubs (1 or more financial swimmer) and 707 financial swimmers. The Northern Region, Northland and Auckland, account for 56% of the membership. The increase in membership for 2016 was partly due the very successful National Masters Championship hosted by North Shore in Auckland.

One change to the monthly newsletter has been its circulation to all registered Masters swimmers using Mail Chimp for bulk emails.

Mike Bodger
NZMS Secretary and Treasurer

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Monday, 24 April 2017

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO WMG Open Water Swimmers - Permissable Swimsuits and more

We have received a message from the WMG Operations team regarding permissable swimsuits for the open water event on the 30 April.

Please read the guidelines (follow the link) which provide further clarification for what swimsuits are permissable during the Championship event.
WMG2017 Open Water - Championship Guidelines Explained

Recreational swimmers are permitted to wear any swimwear.

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the FINA rules to avoid disappointed.
FINA Open Water Swimming Rules

Caps and timing chips can be collected on the following days:

Wed April 26th – AUT Millennium – National Aquatic Centre Reception – 10am – 3pm

Thurs April 27th - AUT Millennium – National Aquatic Centre Reception – 10am – 3pm

Sat April 29th – Takapuna Beach Reserve – 10am – 5pm

Sun April 30th – Takapuna Beach Reserve – 6:30am onwards